Hurricane Edison Bulb Illumination Warmer

Hurricane Edison Bulb Illumination Warmer

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Modern meets comfort with the Hurricane Edison Bulb Illumination.

Illumination Fragrance Warmers use an Edison bulb to warm your wax melts in the dish, in turn releases their gorgeous fragrance.

Emiting a soft glow imitating a candle with light and fragrance.

** Warmer comes with a complimentary, random fragranced shot pot sized sample wax melt in a biodegradable bag. 🌱 Place bag in your green bin or compost once wax melt is used.


Add your choice of wax melts to the dish, turn it on, and enjoy as the fragrance fills your home.

Length: 5.8"
Width: 5.8"
Height" 8.8"
Weight: .910g

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